Flappy Bird and Oculus Rift – Real Flying Experience


Oculus Rift is back on our lips, because, again, the set of virtual glasses has received an interesting use for Flappy Bird this time.

The last “work of art” comes from students at the University of Arts in Zurich and we find it the funniest so far.

Birdly is a special rig that combines virtual reality headset Oculus Rift and the popular game Flappy Bird. Birdly is equipped with a fan in front of the user which increases speed based on how quickly wants the user to go. The system measures the intensity with which you move your hands and translates into a movement of Flappy Birds. Altitude and speed can be controlled by moving your body in front and rear and front fan gives the sensation of flying.

The system not only provides the visual aspect of the Flappy Bird game in Oculus glasses, physical training through body movement and the feeling by the presence of the fan speed, it also brings into question the olfactory element by means of spray emanating an odor depending the “landscape” where you are in game.

Looks pretty fun and at the same time, if we are careful to use muscle groups could be a brutal workout than made on the gym for an hour. I assume that the hydraulic system takes a lot of strength for handling Birdly and that makes it even more “gameplay”.

Birdly – Teaser from maxR on Vimeo.

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