Mozilla Firefox Free Version Download – Still Going Strong, Even in 2015

Firefox has been one of the fastest internet browsers ever since the time it initially became available for download.

Over the years, Mozilla Firefox has become nothing but faster, better, and more secure. Thefluid experience that this browser provides is one of the major reasons that users all over the world are so keen on using it. Additionally, Firefox is now fully capable of handling multi-touch gestures.


Major internet browsers have adapted a sync feature, and Firefox is no exception to the rule. You are able to sync your browsing in order to access everything across multiple platforms you might be using regularly. This gives you the ability to reorder tabs, organize groups using the feature called Panorama, as well as quickly get back your lost work using the redo function. Apart from these features, the ones that make browsing so enjoyable are the ones that the users are most interested in. Find on page is an extremely well built function that allows the user to find a word that they are looking on a page without having to look at a pop up window. The voice interaction functionality allows you to surf the web using simple voice commands. Although this add on is not built in the browser, it is available as an add-on.

Should you need to do online research, Firefox is an ideal browser that allows you to use virtual sticky notes, something which only Firefox allows you to do. You are able to add notes to specific pages, and then access them using the toolbar. You are also able to access the bookmarks you’ve marked, as well as browsing history, pinned apps and more. Pin as App functionality allows the user to save websites that they frequent as icons on toolbar. This allows you to access those pages without opening new tabs, which is a neat feature if you are in a hurry. Smart Location Bar is a new feature that completely adapts to your preferences. This functions allows you to return to those pages that you have previously visited, even if you can’t remember the URL or what you’ve searched for in the first place. Other than that, this feature allowsyou to find websites based on content and titles. Firefox has also included an auto-fill form, pop-up blocker, parental controls and a password manager. The drag and drop feature allows the user to drag the text or a specific link from a web page and place it directly into the search bar. A PDF viewer is no longer required to open PDF files in a separate program.


This year will be a good one for Mozilla Firefox as they are quickly regaining the market share they had lost earlier. The new features probably place this browser as a number one browser on the market today, and it will be very interesting to see how the competition will react. Certainly, security is one of the main concerns and a field which we haven’t covered here, but worry not. Firefox protects the user against malware, spyware, viruses, phishing sites and more, thanks to the advanced security settings, which are now customizable to the user. One click site info allows you to view safety information about that website, a nice feature if you require an additional layer of security.

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