HTC One M9 Sense 7 Free Download Latest Keyboard APK

There’s a significantly improved Sense 7 interface available on the new HTC One M9 and on the Android 5.0 Lollipop. It’s become evident that this is the year that the HTC company concentrated on making improvements upon their software as opposed to extreme changes to the overall construction and general design of the device.

This new smartphone includes Android 5.0 Lollipop stock and as well as some cool, shiny new toys. Right from the beginning, it’s immediately visible that HTC has put quite a bit of time, effort, though, planning, and dogged work into the layout, among other things, improving the keyboard and making it more user-friendly.

There are bigger letters and larger spaces between them in order to facilitate cleaner and more accurate typing. The official HTC Sense 7 home launcher is already available for download, along with its internal weather widget and a variety of additional stock apps.

As part of the new and updated release, there’s been a new keyboard application imported from this smart device onto other devices. The HTC company has funneled a healthy dose of time, energy and effort into their new keyboard in an effort to render it better than it’s ever been. Thus, it’s become capable of going up against keyboards from other companies such as Swiftkey and Google Keyboard.

How to install this Keyboard APK

The new keyboard has been intensively tested and is confirmed to be fully functional on any stock Android ROM such as CyanogenMod 12 and AOSP ROM. First, you’ll have to move any and all APK files you may have onto your phone and then proceed to extract the zip file. First, try installing the APK files as normal. After this, you’ll have to take the extracted contents of that zip file and move them to data/app/ Do remember to configure the appropriate permissions, and from there, restart your phone.

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