Why Should You Contemplate on Purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Gear?

An understanding of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is necessary before you actually consider purchasing the gadget.

However, you must be conversant with its features, advantages and disadvantages before you even contemplate on buying the Galaxy Gear.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is the latest gadget, which offers various functions apart from being a watch. The Galaxy Gear smartwatch is a sincere effort from Samsung to provide the user with a wearable gadget. It might not be the only wearable gadget available in the market. The SmartWatch 2 from Sony comes in direct competition with the offering from Samsung. The Korean giant has been working hard to provide the people with an alternative-display companion to the popular Galaxy smartphone or tablet models. The 1.63-inch touchscreen of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is just a small effort of what Samsung holds for the masses.

The Galaxy Gear smartwatch comes with the capability to make and receive calls, along with clicking photographs and capturing videos, from a built-in camera. The device is an effort of the Korean giant to comply with various needs, but the price at which the gadget is launched, is worth giving a thought.

Features and Performance

A single-core processing unit, set to run at top speed of 800MHz empowers the Galaxy Gear device. The processing unit has enough firepower to deal with various tasks expected of the smartwatch. In addition, a 512MB of RAM ensures smooth functioning of the smartwatch. Regardless, to most people’s dismay, some features and apps equipped in the smartwatch takes more time to load.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch offers limited compatibility. In comparison, the Sony SmartWatch 2 offers better compatibility. The Galaxy Gear works well with a few recognized Samsung devices. As of now, the Galaxy Gear works effectively with the Galaxy Note 3 handset. However, efforts are made by the company to make the Galaxy Gear compatible with various Samsung products. As of now, the gadget is compatible to only one handset, the Galaxy Note 3. In fact, if you plan to purchase the gadget, it would be futile if you do not own or do not purchase the Galaxy Note 3 additionally.

An array of features equipped in the Galaxy Gear smartwatch would require an effort, as they are not fluid.

Despite the email and Twitter alerts being available on your wrist, reading the whole message on the wristwatch requires an effort. Most of the times, the user is unable to read it completely. Regardless, the user can read the message on the device attached to the gadget. Such provision is provided on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

The S Voice feature equipped on the Galaxy Gear is also a disappointment. At times, the gadget struggles to understand the command and the result is a failure to perform. Consequently, manually doing the task takes less time than making use of the voice command feature.

Regardless, the making and receiving call feature on the smartwatch offers a decent experience. The touchscreen offers a great performance along with superb voice quality.

Overall, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch from Samsung is a brilliant gadget, but falters in some aspects. The smartwatch enables the user to read messages on the screen, but does not provide the user with the ability to reply from the gadget.

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