Is Dead Island 2 Going to Be Available on Steam Deck?

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Dead Island 2 is one of the much-awaited games at the moment; the question remains, will Valve’s Steam Deck support it? With the success of the original game, Dead Island 2 has fairly been receiving a lot of attention. Now, fans are curious as to whether they can or cannot slay some Los Angeles zombies on a smaller screen. Well, it’s worth asking such a thing, but without official confirmation is hard what to believe. Luckily, there is some obvious stuff we might take into account right now.

Practically, yes, Dead Island 2 can be played on Steam Deck. But to ensure that the game even boots at all, you will need to put in some work, like really hard work. Why’s that? For starters, Dead Island 2’s publisher, Deep Silver, has already disclosed that the zombie game is actually constrained by a contract with the Epic Games Store on PC. Okay, so things get cleared now.

Dead Island 2 cannot be purchased via Steam due to that regulation, which also averts it from running natively on the Steam Deck without some modification. So, yes, talking about hard work, how can you still make the game work on Steam Deck because, as previously said, it is still possible?

Easy! Steam Deck is practically a PC, right? So, we can use alternatives ways to get what we want. How do we do that? Follow these instructions and see it for yourself:

  • install Lutris on your Steam Deck
  • create your Epic Games account
  • enjoy!

So, until the official Dead Island 2 release, why don’t you test your skills by playing Dead Island 1, which is currently available on Steam Deck?

The portable gaming business exploded with the birth of the Steam Deck system back in 2022. And that’s all owing to Valve’s enormous position in the industry. Also, thanks to that, the availability of every major game title, including Dead Island 2, is disputed with regard to the Steam Deck.

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