How Boom Beach & Clash of Clans Are Not the Same Game?


Boom Beach and Clash of Clans are both very popular action packed strategy games by the same developers – Supercell. While at first glance, they both seem alike in terms of game play and general design, they have fundamental differences, which give both the games their own edge over the other and create their unique identity. Let’s check out how they differ.

What Makes Clash of Clans Better?

  1. Clash of Clans is better when it comes to earning loots. The collectors fill up over time and the player has to tap them to earn the loot. It’s as simple as it gets. Even though there are collectors in Boom Beach, the major portion of the loots comes from Resource Bases, which need to be fought over with another player to gain control.
  2. Clash of Clans is way more flexible, when it comes to mixing and matching types of troops the player wants to employ for each raid. While in Boom Beach, the troop transports can only hold one type of unit at a time. This limits the strategic options for the players which is pretty frustrating.
  3. One of the coolest features of Clash of Clans is well, Clans. It provides a platform to work together cooperatively with friends in a way that few mobile games capture. Players can donate troops to friends, which in turn boosts the defense and raid strength of the player. Players of the same clan can socialize and discuss strategies on clan-private chat. Being a part of clan is very motivating!

What Makes Boom Beach Better?

  1. In Boom Beach, the build time is quite shorter than that of Clash of Clans. The newer level 1 buildings take merely few seconds while the longest build time is that of two and half days and that’s a jiffy compared to the weeks it takes for few of the later upgrades of Clash of Clans. Also, it is pretty easy to earn diamonds in Boom Beach; so these can be used to speed up build time.
  2. The Gun Boat of Boom Beach has to be one of the coolest things. It’s just not the troops that help the player in the fight, but the boat is an entity in itself. The Boat shots flares, which causes all troops to move in a particular direction. This helps in strategizing to attack the strongest defenses and overcome troublesome areas. On top of that, the Gun Boat has interesting features like healing the troop, temporarily disabling buildings, etc. This empowers the player with different strategic choices. While on Clash of Clans spells can do some of these things, it’s still no match as spells cost elixir.
  3. It’s a refreshing change that Boom Beach doesn’t have walls. Moving those tiny walls one by one is as tedious as it gets. And trying to do this on a phone is tiring indeed. Base lay out is important even in Boom Beach, it’s just that there’s much less pixel arrangement and focuses more on bigger targets and higher-order placement.

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