First RTX 4070 Retail Listings Show Quite the Prices!

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According to a leak discovered online, one Vietnamese retailer has temporarily listed Nvidia’s future RTX 4070 GPUs for up to $800. Well, that’s quite the news! According to the latest reports, Nvidia’s RTX 4070 will soon be available so we won’t wait too long. But thanks to the Vietnamese store that has already made some of the graphics card’s listings live a little too early, we can somehow expect what’s about to come. Luckily, the prices were shared by one Twitter user before being removed, and we can clearly spot the costs to be from $767 for (entry-level) to more than $1000 USD (more expensive ones).

Check out the early price in Vietnam below:

How Much Will Cost Us the RTX 4070?

Based on the rumor mill that stirred quite the buzz lately, the next-gen RTX 4070 could come with a price tag of only $599. Of course, we might see some changes depending on each retailer’s decision to sell the product.

Before we draw any conclusions and come up with our own estimations, it’s better to take into account some things. For example, costs associated with buying the chip, actually making a new board, and finally putting together a brand-new cooling system are really some of the factors that contribute to partners’ or even AIBs’ increased prices. Such things are also good for our financial sense and expectations.

Moreover, going back to the aforementioned retailer, the Nvidia RTX 4080 looks to be available in basic configurations for more than $1500, which is around the same starting price as an RTX 4090. That’s quite a relief, but as previously said, it’s better to take everything with a grain of salt because changes are about to be made.

Also, it seems that costs are slightly exaggerated at the retailer in question. We’ll obviously get to see a lot more options, some even cheaper, when the product will be available in your country.

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