Minecraft PS3, PS4 TU23 – New Fish

Title Update 23 is well on its way towards being developed for Minecraft PS3 and Minecraft PS4. It is an update that will bring many new features to the game, being loosely based on 1.7 on the PC, this update actually has the title “the update that changed the world”. The reason it is called this is largely because of its new biomes, which massively changes the way the world feels to even look around, but also because of a lot of changes to what had otherwise been fundamental parts of Minecraft, in ways that are largely good.

One of those ways is the new fishing system and fish that come along with it. The current fishing system in Minecraft Console Edition is very dull, and is merely a way to get fish to tame ocelots, with no real purpose of its own. This update brings a real purpose to fishing, by splitting the possibilities of what can happen into 3 distinct categories, as well as changing the system itself. First of all, now when you put your line into the water you’ll see bubbles slowly approach your line until finally the fishing rod is ready to activate, catching whatever you catch.

Speaking of what you catch, now instead of just getting a single item, there are more than 20 possible catches split into 3 separate areas; fish, trash and treasure. Fish make up the vast majority of any drops picked up, being 17 out of every 20 catches. These aren’t always just the current “fish” in the game either, as there is this same fish, as well as a salmon and clown fish for slightly different eating preferences, meaning you can replenish more hunger from rarer catches. There is also the puffer fish, which is poisonous but can be used to make the brand new water breathing potion.

The trash selection of drops is self explanatory, being items you generally aren’t looking for while fishing, like leather boots, even a second fishing rod and lily pads being possible from this category, which is around one in every ten drops. Finally, there is the treasure section for drops, which includes name tags, saddles and a few other really useful things that you’ll want to keep your eye on, with each of them having a less than one in a hundred chance of being picked up.

This new fishing system makes the game significantly more fun if you want to go, as you can always have the opportunity to find a rare item you want, and can even spend hours fishing trying to find them (getting a lot of useful items and experience along the way) to see the new fishing system in action on the PC, check this video out:

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