How to Defeat the Warden in Minecraft

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The Warden mob was initially supposed to be released during Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update, but then the company decided to remove it during The Wild Update. And this new mob is quite different than what we’ve seen so far.

The Warden is blind, which means that it cannot see its targets. So it needs to rely on its ability to feel the vibrations through the sculk material of the Deep Dark. It is there to protect the creepiest biome there, which is very powerful. He usually makes its appearance when you have triggered too many sculk shrieker blocks in the Deep Dark – they make an awful noise. That’s when the Warden rises to inspect the situation. Its ability to smell is amazing, so it will find you. But if after 60 seconds it does not sense anything, it will go back down into the ground.

When the Warden detects a vibration, its horns illuminate, and it tries to find its target. If it does find you, you need to run for your life, as it can kill you in just a few hits, even if you are fully armored with gear.

The Warden will do 16 hearts’ worth of damage with one single strike, and it will prevent you from using pillaring strategies. It can move as fast as you do, and it has 250 hearts’ worth of health, which means it will be very hard for you to defeat it. So you might want just to leave and hide until it is not interested in you anymore.

The best tip we can give you is to listen to the heartbeat sound you get from the mob. The core will beat faster and louder as it gets closer to its target. That’s also when it becomes way aggressive, as well.

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