iOS 16.5 Beta 2 Adds Key Features – Check Them Out Now!

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New features from Apple are along their way, thanks to the latest iOS 16.5 beta 2. The thing with this is that only registered devs are currently receiving and getting their hands on iOS 16.5 beta 2. This update comes two weeks after the initial iOS 16.5 beta, which had a few small adjustments. So, what’s new this time around?

As previously explained, only registered developer beta testers will be able to get the brand-new iOS 16.5 beta 2 starting April 11. Of course, if you want, you can apply to Apple and get the update when it becomes available right from your Settings app (General – Software Update). This beta program is really considerate when it comes to scooping a bit about the latest iOS updates that Apple provides. Even if iOS 16.5 is not going to come with many features, it is just the ‘opening act’ for what’s about to come: iOS 17!

Without further ado, let’s discover what the current iOS 16.5 beta 2 offers.

First things first, iOS 16.5 beta 2 adds sleek new screen recording commands for Siri that are really useful, and you can use them to initiate or cancel a screen recording. Then, there’s the Sports tab in the Apple News app, which has long been demanded by so many sports lovers.

Other features disclosed show how Apple has been developing an interesting new quad-box picture-in-picture function for the Apple TV. This feature will work primarily for simultaneously streaming numerous sporting events. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! The best thing for live sports is that the tech giant provides services like Friday Night Baseball and MLS Season Pass.

iOS 16.5 is most likely to be made available to everyone somewhere in May. But, later this week, a fresh public beta will also be made available as Apple will start conducting beta testing in preparation for the upcoming general release. So, stay tuned for more details soon!

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