GTA 6: Rockstar Might Have Hinted the Trailer’s Release Date

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After a long wait, we now know for sure that the first trailer of the long-awaited game GTA 6 will launch at some point in the early days of December, as an announcement from Rockstar itself reveals. But we still didn’t have a clear date mentioned, and the fans feel like they cannot have patience anymore. Ten years have been more than enough.

GameRant discovered that a forum member known as MaxLogan speculated that the GTA 6 trailer might be released over the first weekend of December 2023 or at least by Tuesday.

Should we believe the speculation?

MaxLogan analyzed the Italian version of the announcement. He pointed out the absence of the term “early December,” replacing it instead with “prime giorni di Dicembre,” which means “first days of December.” The user says that in Italy, if someone mentions “the first days of December,” that means they are likely referring to a timeframe set between December 3 and December 5.

Therefore, the speculation sounds pretty reliable. Either way, it’s only a matter of weeks until Rockstar will reveal the first official GTA 6 trailer to the world, a moment that any GTA fan is waiting for.

What we hope to see in GTA 6

Grand Theft Auto fans have high hopes for the upcoming GTA 6 game. They want to see more enterable buildings, as regardless of how amazing GTA 5 might be, we all have to admit that it doesn’t have many buildings where Franklin, Trevor, or Michael can enter. The fans also expect to see more customizable options for the protagonists, as there aren’t many options in this area as well when it comes to GTA 5, the latest game of the series. Rockstar could have made the three protagonists able to get more unique clothes and even some new personality traits.

Stay tuned for more, as the GTA 6 trailer is just around the corner!

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