Fitbit-to-Google Transfer Will Start Shortly This Summer

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Starting this summer, Fitbit accounts will find their way to Google accounts. How’s this decision going to change the Fibit experience? The tech giant said that existing Fitbit users won’t be forced to make the switch until 2025. But there are still a few things that need to be discussed to understand better Google’s plans.

First, Fitbit’s login process is about to change quite a bit. That means existing Fitbit customers will get an option to switch to utilizing a Google account starting this summer, but as previously mentioned, they won’t be forced. How’s that going to work? Well, it’s quite simple. While setting up any new devices, users who don’t already have a Fitbit account will need to utilize a Google Account. If you think it comes as a total surprise, it’s not, in fact, at all, because Google actually made public such a decision a while back. Details about the switch were also explained, and they’ll be made step-by-step, without disrupting any Fitbit experience, of course.

The changeover will only be necessary “by 2025,” Google added, with prompts starting rolling out as soon as the Fitbit app is opened for individuals who wish to get a head start. Quite impressive, isn’t it?! Of course, there’s also an alternative. For those who want more details, they can visit the Settings menu.

Google also claims that switching logins won’t affect prior wellness and health statistics.

But why’s the tech giant taking this approach?

The new login requirements, as per Google’s statement, will make it easier for everyone to enter both sites with only a single password rather than having to create two different accounts. That’s so considerate! Moreover, users will be able to control their Fitbit data perfectly via the Google Privacy Center. As for data privacy matters, the company states that, in accordance with the rules established by EU authorities, Fitbit data will continue to be highly kept apart from everything that means Google Ads data. It won’t also be utilized for targeted advertisements.

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