Street Fighter 6: Fans Are Disappointed With the Latest News

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Capcom has finally made an announcement about Street Fighter 6. However, fans were pretty disappointed.

The countdown that was started by Capcom has ended on the final day of the Capcom Pro Tour Season Finale, and many fans expected an official announcement about Street Fighter 6. And since Street Fighter is celebrating its 35th anniversary, we thought it was a done deal. The game was indeed announced, but there are some things you need to know about it.

The announcement was…of an announcement?

Capcom has revealed a short teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6, but there is no gameplay to see. The trailer showed Ryu and Luke, the image character of Street Fighter 6, especially since he was revealed to be a DLC character. So we already knew about this. These two characters were quite predictable, and everyone was waiting for them.

The company said that we would get more details in Summer 2022. So it was basically only a teaser with details we knew so far, so…was it an announcement of the official announcement? It certainly seems like it. There is nothing to talk about as of now, and the teaser trailer gives us 0 information. Fans were disappointed about it, and they were eager to tweet about it.

Capcom has also talked about Capcom Fighting Collection, which includes ten games that will be available on all platforms. The collection even has Vampire, and fans are happy to get all of them.

Of course, this has disappointed fans, but we still are happy that we’re getting Street Fighter 6.

Will the game be free?

As of now, there are no details about that. But seeing how much the mobile games market has grown in the past few years, we believe that, at some point, the game will be free to play.

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