How to Download Adobe Flash Player for Windows and Mac

There is no doubt that Flash Player is a must have on your system. If your system is not running properly or you cannot view contents clearly, you need to download Adobe Flash Player without delay so you can keep your PC running well and avoid internet threats and more. Adobe Flash Player is a very important software application that should be on every system because it helps many internet users and web-based applications to view web content as well as view images and watch online videos. However, difficulty may arise regarding downloading the flash player to Windows and Mac. This challenge is due to lack of proper knowledge of ways to download the application. We have solved the challenge for you in this piece. Read below to find out how to download Adobe Flash Player to window operating PC or Mac.

Steps to download Adobe Flash Player to Windows and Mac

  • Go to the Source: The first step is to go to Input into the browser you want to install Adobe Flash Player into. The Flash Player downloader page will automatically recognize your system browser and operating system and offer you the correct download installer that fits your needs. After that, another page will come up asking you to verify if the information is correct. Confirm it. You may also check or unchecked McAfee Security Scan Plus if you do not need further security for your PC.
  • Download: On the next page, you will see a yellow button with the caption “Download now,” click it. Save the file when asked. Normally, the file will be saved to your Downloads folder specifically for your browser if you have not changed the settings.
  • Click to Open the Installer: The next step is to find the Adobe Flash Player Installer file on your computer drive, and double-click to open it. A box will show.
  • Run the installer. When the Adobe Flash Player disk image appears, move your cursor and double-click the “Install Adobe Flash Player” icon in the window. You will be moved to the next step.
  • Accept the warning. You will see a popup dialog box that will ask if you are certain you can trust content downloaded from Adobe. Just click the open button. Since the company is a reputable one, it is safe to click “Open.”
  • Sign in: When prompted, sign in. If you are using Mac, you will be asked to sign in as admin with your username and password. Supply the information, and then click “OK” to continue.
  • Complete Installation Process: Now is time to complete installation of Adobe Flash Player. A progress bar will appear on your screen showing you the status of the installation. Click the “Finish” button when it is complete.

Congrat, you have just downloaded your copy of Adobe Flash Player and you are now ready to start enjoying video streaming, image viewing, and many more with your latest download. To ensure that you are up- to- date with Adobe Flash Player. Always check their website for latest updates that may include bug fixes, security patches and many more.

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