Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs. iPhone 6 Plus – Different Companies, Same Bending Problem

iPhone 6 Plus was launched towards the end of last year and as soon as this amazing phablet was released, one aspect of it started going viral with news of how this phone can bend when in a pocket.

In essence, what this meant was that the iPhone 6 Plus could take the shape of your body when seated. This is probably one of the major reasons why this Apple smartphone flagship was priced at such a huge amount. This bending phenomenon of iPhone 6 Plus led to the invention of the BendGate incident or rating.

This BendGate ghost is back again, but this time it’s not after the iPhones, rather, it has its focus on the latest flagship in the shape of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This bending capability has amazed many before and it is still doing so with this new Samsung flagship. While some may call this premature publicity, this phone has already been put under tests with respect to the BendGate incident, with the result showing that the iPhone 6 Plus is a little more resilient than the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The Galaxy S6 Edge has lesser chances of bending than iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a screen size of 5.1 inches, which is 0.4 inches smaller than the iPhone 6 Plus phablet. When in a pocket, it is hard for a device with a screen size of 5 inches or less to bend regardless of your position. However, devices with larger screen sizes have a higher chance of bending.

One such device is the iPhone 6 Plus and when in a pocket, it is possible that this phone might bend. The Galaxy S6 Edge on the other hand is less likely to bend when in a pocket and this can be attributed to its relatively smaller size.

It is still unlikely that any of these smartphones can bend when in your pocket. This is true because the BendGate results show that these two phones can survive up to 110lbs of pressure. There is no possible chance a phone can be subjected to such an enormous amount of pressure willingly. The results obtained above were from an experiment. So, unless you want to do another experiment with your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you will still have your phone in good condition and it won’t by any chance bend when in your pocket.

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