How to Download and Install Viber Free Calling from the Google Play Store?

Viber free calling app, just like the name suggests, is a free app that lets users send free texts, voice, and video as well as picture messages to other users of the app.

In addition, you no longer have to depend on landlines or phone calls when it comes to calling your friends living overseas.

Using Viber, it is possible to enjoy a live one-on-one chat with any other person using the app and all this is for free. Furthermore, the app does not care about your location or mobile carrier you are using, as long as there is an internet connection, you can talk and chat as long as you want using Viber. Whether it mobile data or Wi-Fi, this messenger has no known issue as far as internet connection is concerned.  In fact, this is the only thing you need in order to enjoy the services and amazing features that this Rakuten-owned app comes with.

Unlike WhatsApp, there is nothing to worry about when using this app and this pertains keeping in touch with non-users of the app. Viber is equipped with a feature or rather service known as ViberOut which lets users make very affordable voice and video calls to any other person who is using a landline or mobile phone number that is not registered with Viber.

Viber is a mobile app.However, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be installed on other platforms like PCs and tablets. In fact, this application offers one of the best, if not the best syncing capabilities as well as flexibility. But before you can get the instant messenger on a PC or tablet, you must first of all install it on a mobile phone since it requires a phone number to assign you a user ID. Viber is available for free download from the official Google Play Store and any Android user can get it now. Other versions for platforms like Windows Phone and iOS are also available for free download.

Features of Viber

Viber is a very intuitive and simple app that makes using it very easy. Once downloaded and installed on your phone, it will automatically sync with your mobile contacts and determine which one of them is using Viber. You don’t have to remember phone numbers of people using the app in order to contact them.

Basically, the features that Viber free calling app brings to the internet communication fold includes free messaging and calling, photo and video sharing, group messaging, public chats, Viber games, push notifications that ensure no message is missed as well as integration of the contact list.

How to install Viber from Google Play Store

Installing Viber from the Play Store is very easy. All you need is log into the store and search for “Viber” using the search feature of the Android Market. The app takes less than a few minutes to download and setup, but depends on the sped of internet connection. Make sure that your device is installed with at least Android 2.3 and above or else the app won’t install.

Setting up the app is also very quick. In fact, the app comes with very simple on-screen instructions for setting it up. Make sure you provide the correct mobile phone number since the app will have to verify it first before creating your account. Also ensure that the parameters as far as your country code and location are correct despite the fact that the app does the whole location searching thing. While all these are taking place, ensure the connection in use is the best to avoid experiencing any issues during setup.

Viber allows users to login using Facebook. This option skips the mobile phone option, but you’ll have to allow the app to access your account.

Once these steps are done, the app is ready and good to go. You can start using Viber to call and message your friends for free right away.

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