GoPro Hero 4 vs Hero 3+

GoPro Inc unveiled the high-end camera, Hero4, as a successor to Hero3+ in its successful flagship line of action cameras. GoPro Hero4 features several features that absent in the Hero3+, including the latest technological innovations in the business. Below is a detailed comparison between GoPro’s Hero4 and Hero3+, two very capable action cameras from this high-end camera manufacturer.

* The Similarities Between GoPro Hero4 and GoPro Hero3+;

In terms of physical appearance, Hero4 and Hero3+ are almost indistinguishable. They both have similar dimensions and most major configurations are alike. However, the Hero4, Silver Edition, has a touchscreen display. The two action cameras have similar lens aperture size and sensor size. They both have F2.8 apertures and 1/2.3 inch sensors with resolutions of 4,000 by 3,000 pixels. Both action cameras come with microSD cards which can supports memories of up to 64GB.

* How is the Hero4 is Better than Hero3+? Well, we’ve come up with eight of the main reasons why the latest version is better than the older version:

  1. Although the two cameras have 4K resolution recording capabilities, Hero4 is much better since it offers twice the frame rate on the Hero3+. Hero4 shoots 4K video in 30 fps while Hero3+ shoots 4K video in 15 fps.
  1. For 1080p video, Hero4 has a frame rate of 120 while Hero3+ has a frame rate of just 60. Hero4 also records 2.7K video at better frame rates of up to 50 in comparison to a maximum frame rate of 30 on the Hero3+. This makes Hero4 the best choice for professional high quality video recording.
  1. While recording in slow-motion, Hero4 is also better than Hero3+ because with Hero3+ you can only record at a resolution of 720p. However, with Hero4, you can use a resolution of 1080p.
  1. Hero4 can also record better quality video because of a higher bitrate of 60mb/s. Hero3+ has a bitrate of 45mb/s.
  1. The protune feature on Hero4 can be used for both photos and videos, while for Hero3+, it is only available for video recording. The protune feature allows recording of high quality videos and photos with little compression, which helps to improve their overall quality.
  1. Although both cameras have inbuilt microphones, the Hero4 has about twice the dynamic range on the Hero3+.
  1. Hero4 features a touch screen viewfinder, which can be used to replay videos and frame shots. Hero3+ and any other GoPro action cameras before this never had this handy feature, which gives Hero4 a better professional appeal.
  1. Hero4 has Bluetooth connectivity, while Hero3+ does not. Nevertheless, both cameras have Wi-Fi connectivity options.

* What Are The Differences Between GoPro Hero4 and GoPro Hero3+

Well the Hero4 is slightly heavier with a weight of 88g compared to 74g for Hero3+. However, for practical uses, this difference will be hardly noticeable.

The power consumption is an issue though. The Hero3+ has a better battery. While Hero4 has a 1160 mAh battery, Hero3+ has a 1180 mAh battery. The Hero4 model also consumes power faster, which only exacerbates its battery life problem when compared to Hero3+.

Regarding the price point at $349.99, Hero3+ is considerably less expensive than Hero4, which goes for $499.99 for the pricier Black Edition.

* Conclusion

GoPro Hero4 clearly offers better video quality than Hero3+. Additionally, Hero4 has several additional features that clearly put it ahead of its predecessor, Hero3+, in terms of usability and video and photo recording capabilities. The LCD screen on the Hero4 is an especially handy feature that makes its use more effective for professional tasks. However, if you are looking for a bargain and still want to enjoy quality video, Hero3+ is a good option. Keep in mind that Hero3+ also offers better battery life, thanks to greater battery capacity and lower power demands when compared to Hero4.

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