How to Download Original Flappy Bird For Free

Flappy Bird enjoys a lot of popularity because it is very engaging by nature. This game makes the gamer feel like they are living in a fantasy world where they can jump about with gay abandon. The other thing that makes this game so exciting and popular is that it is a game that is very small in size and its graphics are also very appealing.

This retro style game makes you feel like you are living in the eighties. Flappy Bird is a mobile game in which you scroll from side to side. The aim is to make a flying bird fly in between different pipe sets that are oncoming toward the bird. If you make the bird fly through the pipes then you earn points. However, if the bird collides with the pipes then the game ends there and then.

Owners of iPhones are selling their Flappy Bird game for as much as twenty thousand dollars. What’s more, the game is no longer available for installation via iTunes store. If you want to download original Flappy Bird for free then you will need to find an alternative way of doing so. One option is to visit Here you can install the game on your iPhone and iPod touch as well as iPad.

Steps to downloading original Flappy Bird for free:

· Visit on a mobile device

· Open the download page


· Wait while the system determines which mobile device you are using

· Wait for the system to detect your firmware and version

· Visit the Flappy Birds Download page

· Download Flappy Bird game for free

· Start playing

Remember that the official Flappy Bird game is not available at any App Store. The good news is that you can easily download the game for free by visiting

Here, you will find a number of options. The first option is to download the game for Android devices. The second option allows you to download the game for a personal computer. The third option allows you to download the game for an iPhone and the fourth option allows you to play the game online.

Another site that allows you to download original Flappy Bird for free is the one called Also, in case you are using an Android mobile phone then you can easily download the game by trying out various sites. First, download the game in your browser and then install the game on your mobile phone.

In case you have already once downloaded the game to your mobile device and then deleted it, then you can get it back by visiting App Store and tapping on Purchase or Updates. Located Flappy Bird in the list and then click on the download icon.


Flappy Bird is a game that is not only very difficult but it is also an addictive game that you will love playing on any mobile device. When you start playing the game you will have to guide a flying bird through a number of randomly selected objects that are placed on the bird’s path. You can guide the bird by simply tapping your mobile device’s screen. The sudden popularity of this game has forced its creator to take the game offline.

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