Why Play Store Not Working On Your Device? Here Are The Answers!

Google Play is compatible with every single Android smartphone and tablet on the market. In fact, the Google Play Store is included with these devices by default and can’t be removed, though it can be disabled. If the store doesn’t work properly on a device, then something is clearly wrong.

Most users will only run into temporary problems that seem to go away faster than they cropped up. Unfortunately, certain users might experience more serious issues with this app, and users often don’t know how to proceed for a solution.

Why isn’t Google Play working for me?

Well, the simple answer is that something is wrong with the service and app. A more complicated answer is that a variety of issues could be causing the current situation. An outdated Google Play app could be causing compatibility issues. Similarly, a recent update could have become corrupted and started causing issues. Something in the hardware could be misfiring and making the Play Store behave oddly. Perhaps the device’s memory is being used by too many programs, and Google Play is lagging because of this memory usage.

If Google Play Is Lagging…

A lagging app means that the performance is being degraded by high memory usage more often than not. A user should close apps they aren’t using at the moment to free memory space. From there, the Play Store should start behaving normally, and the lag should disappear. Another potential solution involves resetting the phone, which will have a similar effect to the memory dump. Lagging usually stops after implementing either of these measures, and users can go on with using their devices.

If Google Play Won’t Complete Downloads…

When Google Play stops downloads without finishing them, users tend to become fairly peeved. Obviously, we want our downloads to finish so that we can access a new app or media file. Users should switch onto a faster Internet connection to see if connectivity issues are stalling the download. A device reset or Play Store reset could resolve the download problems, too. For more drastic measures, users could try to update Google Play or redownload the previous update.

If Google Play Won’t Open or Force Closes…

Sometimes, the app will refuse to open, or Google Play will force close without warning. Both issues are likely caused by a similar culprit. This will require a user to remove updates to the Play Store from the app’s settings. Most users have reported that this tactic stops force closing and refusal to open problems. After performing this task, the Play Store should boot right up like it’s brand new, and users shouldn’t see those force closing incidents any longer.

Getting Google Play Back To 100% Performance!

All smartphone apps experience issues from time to time. For obvious reasons, Google Play is no different than other apps in that regard. If the Play Store isn’t working on your device, then you need to start troubleshooting the situation. Most problems can be remedied with a few simple steps. Typically, users won’t run into a situation where the device is damaged or the software is corrupted beyond simple repair.

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