Google Project Fi is the Mobile Equivalent of Google Fiber for Smartphone

Google Fiber is an ambitious project that was designed to save the consumers from the internet restrictions imposed by companies and now the company is making its first step into smartphones with Project Fi.

The concept is really confusing at the moment, because this is a wireless cellular service which works on top of your existing phone network. As it is available only in the U.S. for now, you have to own either, AT&T, Verizon or some other cellular network for this program to work. The company has officially launched this service which was rumored for a couple of weeks now. It is available only for people who own a Nexus 6 device because a special SIM card is mandatory to use it.

Charges and Sign Up

First of all, you can’t simply buy the SIM card and insert it into your Nexus 6 device. You have to sign up with the company’s official Project Fi website. They will send an invite, but there is no word on how long it will take for people to receive one. From the looks of it, it is like a developer’s project that is limited to a specific set of people. The service is designed to make it easier for you to control your data and pay only for what you use.

The basic charge to buy Google Project Fi is $20 a month, which you have to pay to be a valid subscriber. After this basic fee, you have to pay $10 for 1 gig of data usage. The users, who are happy with this, can save some cash and stick with the basic plans. However, with lots of updates and downloads being mandatory in an era of apps, you may wish to have two or three gigs of data which is when the costs go higher. You have to pay $30 for the data usage as well as $20 for the basic subscription, which takes it up to $50 as a whole. The cellular service provider’s fee is not included in this calculation.

Limiting Data and Easier Access

Google Fiber wanted to make the internet readily available for every user and stop service providers from limiting the speed. Similar to the idea, Project Fi is all about making it easier for you, to make calls, send text messages and easily communicate with multiple devices around the country without any difficulty. Helping you receive the best connection is one of their goals. Can it succeed? We have to wait and see!

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