LG G4 vs. Apple iPhone 6 Plus – Does LG Finally Have the Best Phablet?

Three and a half years ago, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note, a phone that catered to a new market.

While many companies were hesitant to increase the size of the display, Samsung unveiled a phone with a gigantic screen for the time, a 5.3 inches display. For three years, Samsung was the king of the phablet (a combination between smartphone and tablet) market. However, things have changed dramatically in the past year, with Apple unveiling the iPhone 6 Plus and LG unveiling the LG G3 last year. Both were close to the specs of the Galaxy Note 4 (Samsung’s tablet), but now LG looks like it has the best phablet on the market in the LG G4. Here is how the G4 stacks versus the iPhone 6 Plus, two of the phablets that have topped the Note 4.

Design and Display

The iPhone 6 Plus was the most beautifully designed phone when it debuted last year. It featured a metal unibody, with curves all over the phone, and a sleek design with thickness of just 7.1mm. While LG hasn’t topped the iPhone 6 Plus in the thickness section, one can surely say that thanks to the leather back, the G4 is now the most beautiful and sleek phone. The design is flatter, but LG does a great job of protecting the phone and making it ergonomic with slight, subtle curves on the edges. Both phones have 5.5 inches display, but the technology is different. Apple uses the Retina display, with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. The resolution is same as the full HD display, but thanks to the Retina technology, the screen is brighter than normal full HD displays. And while that is impressive, LG has topped it with new, special IPS technology that makes the QHD display brighter, and delivers more accurate colors and better contrast.

Hardware and Operating System

It is only logical that the LG G4 has the superior chipset. The iPhone 6 Plus was great when it came out in September and the phone introduced the 64-bit chipset. But android smartphones have caught up the iPhone, and the LG G4 is not an exception. LG opted for a more efficient chipset, the six core Snapdragon 808 than other android manufacturers, but it is still a processor that should top the speed and performances of the iPhone 6 Plus. The operating system is hard to compare, given the fact it is a whole different eco system, as the iPhone 6 Plus runs on iOS, while the G4 is an android phone.


An argument can be made about the camera of the iPhone 6 Plus. Even though the rear camera is just an 8-MP sensor, the camera has proven to deliver high quality pictures with little to no strain and noise. The quality is very high thanks to the optical image stabilization and the lens. But the G4 takes things to a whole new level. With an f/1.8 lens, the G4 allows the most light of any other smartphone. Combine that fact with the 16-MP rear camera and optical image stabilization, and the result is one extremely powerful camera that can replace most of the semi professional digital cameras on the market. The G4 can record 4K videos without problems. The front camera is another thing of beauty, with an 8-MP snapper that can record 1080p videos at 30 fps.

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