Flipboard: 5 Best Tips & Tricks To Use This Awesome Online Megazine

Flipboard was designed to be used without the need for a help file or manual so that the public could simply start enjoying the app right away.

For most of the features Flipboard is the only social media outlet that does not require an account. You can browse and read articles void of handing over your information. Yet most tend to join after being impressed with the content and the ability to share easily while receiving influences from others.

But we all know that all things need a guide and most of us do not have the time or energy to spend playing around with the app learning all of its ins and outs. The following will help you make the most of Flipboard so that you can get to know its best functions such as the broadening of horizons and connecting people through magazines and news related articles and information.

  1. Flip to the Top

This is key, but can also be achieved by tapping onto the clock on the status bar. Flipping to the top will allow you to go to the top of an article or feed instantly. Should you desire to jump back a level, etc., simply swipe left to right while in any article

  1. Read Later

You do NOT have to read an article right when it has been added to your feed. Simply tap onto the “gear” icon (on page 2, in the lower right). It is there that you will be able to authenticate the Instapaper and Read It Later accounts. Once that is done, you will be able to earmark article by tapping the icon that is second from the right on the top of the article view “Share”.

  1. The Social Card

The Social Card allows you to share, Tweet, email, add the story to your favorites list, or view the original comments attached to a story. To do this, simply begin from the cover of the story, tap the avatar (located in the lower left of the screen) and the Social Card will be displayed

  1. Mute

Do you not want news mixed into your social feeds? Would you like to see a bit less of a person on your feed? Tap the avatar/source in the lower left of the screen in order to view the Social Card. From there, you can mute a person in just your cover stories or everywhere. This action can also be done within your Flipboard/social network section.

The Mute feature allows you to take complete control of precisely what you see without having to remove a person from seeing what you have to offer. At any time that you desire, the action can be reversed and repeated.

  1. Big Mashed-Up Feed

Flipboard allows you to view all of your social media feeds in a single place. Once you have established your very own Flipboard account, tap the red ribbon icon in order to view the site’s Content Guide. Tap your user icon in the upper left of the screen, select the option for “All Timelines” or “All Photos” (this option focuses solely on all photos that have been shared across all social media outlets that you are a member of). Add the feeds that you desire by simply clicking onto “+”.

So although you can use the app pretty easily we hope this short article will help you to get just a little bit more from it.

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