Google Play Store – How to Get Paid Play Store Apps for Free?

We all love apps and more so, free apps.

Therefore, it is an opportunity to rejoice, when someone tells you that you can get paid apps for absolutely no money.  Of course there are always pirated apps, but you never know how they would affect your phone and therefore it is always better to just go ahead and buy the paid versions, even if you don’t really want to pay that much.

The Google Play Store is dominated by free apps. However, there are a number of apps that must first be paid for before accessing some premium features or even downloading them. Lucky enough there are lots of legal ways that you can make use of and still get a paid application without having to pay anything. In this app, you will learn just a few of these methods. Of course, we will definitely bring you more of these tricks in the future, so, keep following us.

Amazon App Store

The Amazon App Store is one of the best app stores, yet still the most forgotten of all app stores. In essence, this app store can be termed as the small brother of Google Play Store. However, the best part of using Amazon App Store is that you get a chance to download a paid app for free, each and every single day. This is true because the store puts up one paid app on a free offer to divert attention of Google Play Store users to their own store.

All you need to get a free app from Amazon App Store is to get to the store and check the “App of the Day” section. Alternatively, you can download the Amazon app from the official Amazon website and side load it on your device. Make sure you change your device’s security settings to allow the installation of this app.

Google Play surveys

Google has an in-house reward program for any person who participates in their numerous surveys. You can get free Play Store credit by simply downloading and installing the Google Opinion Rewards application and filling in short surveys. Even though you won’t get a reward for each survey you fill, you can still earn up to $1 per survey, which is available on only once per week.

You can also make use of another application known as Get Paid Apps Free where you watch videos or download certain apps and get credit that can be cashed out in exchange of paid apps in the Play Store.

Using Google Play return policy

Google has a policy it uses to manage the Play Store purchases. In case you are willing to buy an app but you aren’t sure of whether this app will really satisfy your needs, you can utilize Google’s return policy. Using this trick, you can get to download a paid app for a few hours, say two, and test the app before you can choose to buy it.

If you were looking for a gaming app, two hours can be a lot of gaming time. This is enough time for you to tell whether you still want this app or not.

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