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Modern smartphones are more of entertainment and toy devices rather than serious tools that can be productive. However, there are some functions and applications that come with the modern smartphone platforms that make it a very important working device. One of these applications is the email app. For smartphones, access to your email account is very important. Gmail is one email option that comes with its own app.

Gmail on Android 

Gmail is a mobile application that comes pre-installed on Android devices. If not available for your device, you can simply download and install it to start enjoying its features. Gmail on Android smartphones is a front and center app. Being Google’s own creation, it provides you with lots of functions that are similar to that of the web email. Downloading and installing Gmail on Android is a simple and straightforward process, this is because Android devices is Google’s software. Running Gmail is only difficult when run on other platforms.

Gmail on iOS 

On iPhone, the most common way to run the Gmail application is through the default Mail app. The interface of Gmail here is nice and simple. It runs fast and will give you all the basics of your email right to your inbox. You can additionally run multiple accounts through this applications. The mail app however comes with less features.

Sometime back Google released a dedicated app for iPhone. Even though it had lukewarm and poor reviews at the beginning, the app has had several improvements. The official Gmail app on iPhone is superior and better than the iPhone’s official mail app. Anyone frequent Gmail user will find this app very handy. 


The app can be downloaded from the store for free. For Android users, the app comes pre-installed, iOS platform needs the app downloaded from the market. You can also update the app to get recent and new features.


After downloading, you have to accept permissions so that the application can begin installation. After installation, start the application and enter your Gmail address and password. You will have linked your Gmail account with your phone. From then on, you will always open your account without the need of entering your password before logging in. If you wish, you can also 

Why use Gmail on your phone

Gmail for mobile lets you have and open several accounts at the same time. If you have different accounts for instance, a personal Gmail account and another Gmail account for use at your workplace, you can have these emails opened at the Gmail app for mobile.

Additionally, you will get alerts on new messages with push messages and sounds, accessing email account will be very easy, you can synchronize your Gmail account with your contact list from your device’s address book. More importantly, you will be able to easily upload photos and new attachments right from your phone.

Heavy Gmail users will find the Gmail app a favorite application. If you have not downloaded the application or have not linked it to your account, then it is time to do so. The application will provide an easy and very convenient easy access to your Gmail account. Download Gmail and install for your mobile to access its great features.

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