Twitter Launches Direct Video and Group Messaging Features to take on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Twitter is a popular social media website that is currently used by more than 200 million people across the globe.

Recently, Twitter launched the much anticipated video messaging feature which allows users to edit as well as upload short video clips of 30 seconds in duration.

Twitter already has an almost analogous feature in the shape of Vine; however, rather than the new video service take the place of the Vine feature, the company reports that the two will run alongside each other. This move will for sure take on some popular instant messaging applications that offer such similar services of video messaging, for instance WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Twitter’s new video service to let users edit and embed videos in their tweets

The new editor launched by Twitter will let its users edit short 30-second video clips and embed them in their tweets and in this way, they can share their fun in a very short time, then the users are turned off. This is a new way of communication for all Twitter users and with this service, the company expects that it will capture or rather attract a huge chunk of celebrities.

The good thing with this video clips is that they do not automatically start to play once you are in the tweet; rather, they need to be opened by the users by clicking on them. This is a very simple process, since the videos can easily be previewed with a thumbnail before each one of them can be played with just a single tap or click.

Twitter introduces group direct messaging to take on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

In the recent past, many Twitter users have complained about the limit of tweets they get with Twitter’s 140-character limit. In a bid to expand the tweets, the company is moving ahead with this rich and immersive move, where users will be able to seamlessly record, edit as well as share videos directly from their Twitter applications. With the addition of the group direct messaging feature, users will now be able to carry on with private chats in groups away from their public timelines.

This change follows the recent improvements that were introduced in the direct messaging feature where users can now be able to include pictures in their messages. In the newly introduced group chats, it will be possible for Twitter users to add numerous followers into the group, who can then add more followers of their own in the same group chats.

The introduction of these services is aimed at gaining the largest audience in the world when it comes to the social media network as the company hopes that the features will boost users’ engagement with the Twitter application. Users of Twitter will also be able to access the new “while you were away” feature which lets them see some of the most important tweets they may have missed while offline.

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