How to Speed up Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Benchmark tests show that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is probably the fastest Android smartphone on the market and the fastest smartphone in general as well.

But even the fastest smartphones could use some boost. We present you some tips on how you can speed up your Galaxy S6 Edge even more and keep your device fast and get things running quickly.

Space and Memory

When you first purchase the S6 Edge, it is lightning fast. But with time, it will slow down if you pile it up with data, pictures and apps. The first thing you need to do with your handset is to constantly check internal space and see how you use it. If there are applications that you’ve downloaded and installed just for the fun of it, uninstall them if you do not use them anymore. Head over to settings and check the storage section. Tap the applications you do not use, and then click on Uninstall.

Another way to free up space is to remove the files you’ve downloaded. These files include .pdf, .doc and similar files that you’ve probably downloaded when checking your email. They still eat up space, and slow down your S6 Edge. Go to downloads, tick the files you do not need anymore, and click delete. Next, go to ‘Miscellaneous’, where you fill find several backups, files received via Bluetooth, playlists, and much more. Tick the ones you do not need, and then click the bin button.


One aspect that slows down the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the widget. Ask yourself, do you honestly need all the widgets floating around your home screen? Some of them are really useful, but some of them just take up your resources. Consider disabling the widgets you do not need or use. Be selective, and your phone will appreciate that.


Different launchers use various animations. Therefore, depending which launcher you use, there are different animations and special effects on your smartphone. Most of the animations look good, but they slow down your S6 edge. Go to launcher’s settings and check if there is any way to disable some of the extras. This will speed up your phone.

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