GoPro Hero 5 – Release Date, Rumors and News

GoPro Hero 5 will not be released until the end of this year. However, this long wait is worth it.

If the latest rumors are anything to be believed, the next version of the GoPro Hero series of portable cameras will come with major upgrades to features that are available in the current flagship, the GoPro Hero 4.

Usually, the GoPro Hero portable cameras are what sports people love to carry around thanks to their ability to take a significant deal of wear and tear as well as their lightweight nature which makes them suitable for portability.

GoPro Hero 5 rumored specs

According to the latest news, the new Hero 5 portable camera will come with a resolution of between 4K and 8K. There are some users who are very excited about this development in the camera resolution. However, there is another section that is still unsure of how the next GoPro Hero camera will deal with such high resolutions as far as load time of images is concerned. In response to this, GoPro Inc., the company behind this amazing device, confirmed that the new portable camera will come with advanced support for Bluetooth 4.0 which will be helpful when users want to quickly access and upload images on the web.

Better batter life for the Hero 5

The new GoPro Hero 5 camera will be much better than the current Hero 4 as far as battery life is concerned. The new battery life has been stepped up to 150%, which means that this device will have more recording time when outdoors.

GoPro Hero 5 to come without variants

There is news that the GoPro Hero 5 is going to be the immediate successor to the current GoPro Inc. flagship, the GoPro Hero 4. According to the latest reports, this development is driven by the fact that users have raised their concerns with respect to the GoPro Hero black and silver models.

The silver model lets users to record videos of up to 15fps whereas the black model supports 30fps. Furthermore, the silver model has a touch screen, which makes it a unique camera among the GoPro Hero cameras. Buyers are not happy with the fact that there are different models of the camera with different features and instead are demanding a single model with all the good features.

It is for this reason we expect the coming GoPro Hero 5 to come with a touch screen in addition to high resolution, offering users a video recording capability of about 60fps. This device will be very powerful.

GoPro Hero 5 pricing

The Hero 5 is expected to have lots of new features that are much better in quality and performance when compared to the current Hero 4. As a result, the GoPro Hero 5 is also expected to come with a higher price tag than the current GoPro Inc. flagship.

At the moment, the GoPro Hero 4 silver model sells at about $399 whereas the black model of the same camera is available for $100 more. Based on these prices, the GoPro Hero 5 is expected to come with a price tag of between $450 and $550.

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