Battlefield 2042: Can I Get Rid of Bots?

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We have all heard plenty of stuff about Battlefield 2042 – remember when EA said that there would be multiplayer-only 128 players on PC, with the possibility of cross-play?

The truth is 128 players in every match of the game is impossible, and everyone knows this. AI bots will fill up all the empty spaces if players will not reach the limit when the game starts. But the real question here is: can I turn off AI bots?

You will find AI bots in Battlefield 2042, and everyone wants them out. Players want to fight each other, not bots. The problem is…this is not an option in the normal All-Out Warfare play. You cannot remove them, unless all the players are present at the beginning of the game. Of course, players do take priority over AI bots, so you don’t have to worry about that. But truth be told, you’ll never get to play the full 128 player match. We can only hope that there are enough players available in all regions to play the game with all the players, but that’s highly unlikely.

Battlefield 2042 has released a post-beta update, and it seems that things are getting better. The lobbies are full of real players. “Bots are not designed as a replacement for other players. Throughout the Open Beta, we were able to dedicate a great deal of time into looking at why the servers were sending certain groups of players into predominantly Bot populated matches.” The team was then able to make changes to make sure that servers had human players.

We’re curious to see if bots will disappear for good. In the Battlefield Portal, you have plenty of options to choose from, including removing AI bots for good. There will be fewer players, but all of them will be human.

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