Is Apple Releasing a Multi-Device Charger?

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Apple is allegedly continuing to develop a multi-device charger for its devices after its unsuccessful AirPower attempt a few years back. As per a recent Bloomberg story, Apple is working on a multi-device charger and also short and long-range wireless charging technologies in order to realize its vision of a future in which all main products can charge one another.

Bloomberg has previously covered Apple’s efforts to build a multi-device inductive charging option. Apple was working on a multi-device inductive charging pad as a worthy successor to the unsuccessful AirPower effort, according to the magazine from June.

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports in his current Power On report that Apple has still been developing a multi-device charger. This will be in contrast to the present MagSafe Duo, which is essentially 2 distinct iPhone and Apple Watch chargers sewn altogether.

According to Gurman, Apple is also working on short and long-range wireless charging methods. Unlike existing inductive “wireless” charging technologies, this piece of innovation allows for true wireless charging.

I do think Apple is still working on some sort of multi-device charger that it intends to eventually release. There’s a reason why it planned to launch the device in the first place in 2017. I also believe Apple is working on short and long distance wireless charging devices and that it imagines a future where all of Apple’s major devices can charge each other. Imagine an iPad charging an iPhone and then that iPhone charging AirPods or an Apple Watch,” writes Mark Gurman.

For many years, the reverse wireless charging has been predicted for the iPhone, but it has never materialized. In principle, this could enable users to recharge the AirPods or Apple Watch on the fly by placing them just on top of the iPhone.

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