Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date – Bigger Maps, Better Crafting is Coming In

Bethesda announced they are coming to E3 2015 and the confirmation instantly provoked the interest of millions of gamers worldwide.

The big question would be is it going to be the announcement for Fallout 4 or the Elder Scrolls 6?

Obviously, a company is not going to take center stage in such a huge gaming event to announce nothing. So, we know for sure that Bethesda is going to show off one of the most anticipated games of recent times. But, you just can’t confirm the one that is going to be out. Meanwhile, players have already started speculating and if it is going to be the Elder Scrolls 6, here’s a fan wish list of the features that they want.

Larger Maps

The entire series has been focusing on making the world as big as possible. They definitely have large maps, but players want something that is larger than the ones already available on Skyrim. With the Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda should introduce maps that have diverse areas. Instead of simply expanding the same realm over and over, they should create swamp lands, snowy mountains and dense forest filled with different types of creatures.

Better Crafting System

Crafting is good in the previous games, but the amount of customization players have over weapons, clothing and appearance is not up to the mark. In the new game, players wanted an improvised version, which the developers should take note of. If you find a useless object, you should be able to break the gear and use the parts within. Similarly, businesses should allow ways to expand their horizons and guilds including the ones for lumber, smith and miners should be more expansive. Breaking system is there but it has to be more precise in the upcoming game.

Relatable characters

While being a superhero with a mystic past is fun, in Elder Scrolls 6 players want to lead a common life amidst the villagers. Instead of being the dragon born all the time, there could either be an option to switch between different characters or play as the one who is a farmer, business person or a specialist like ironsmith. He can make his living and do some routine tasks while indulging more in the ecosystem than slaying dragons all the time.

The majority of the features are simply a wish list, but as Bethesda often listens to their community, it wouldn’t be surprising if many of these make their way to the final game.

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