‘Super Dungeon Maker’ Becomes Available for the PC and Nintendo Switch

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2D pixel art dungeon editors might not be the bee’s knees anymore, but even so, they can still represent a way to have lots of fun while playing such games. One of them is ‘Super Dungeon Maker,’ a new game that is now available for Nintendo Switch and the PC.

Jonas Ek explains via TGG:

The Darmstadt-based (Germany) indie games publisher rokaplay and Düsseldorf-based (Germany) indie games developer FIRECHICK, are today very happy and thrilled to announce that their creative 2D pixel art dungeon editor “Super Dungeon Maker”, is now available for PC (via Steam) and the Nintendo Switch (via the Nintendo Eshop).

The new ‘Super Dungeon Maker’ game seems to be something like Super Mario encountering Zelda. The graphics are very simplistic, but guess what? That’s the whole charm of it!

The game is purchasable via Steam for 15.99 euros. If you want to run it on the PC, you just need to know that the game probably has the lowest system requirements that could ever exist for a game nowadays. Your PC needs only 512MB of RAM, a graphics card of 256MB, and a Dual-Core 2Ghz processor in order to be able to run ‘Super Dungeon Maker.’

Both Super Mario and Zelda games left an unfathomable legacy for the gaming industry. There are many games inspired by those legendary franchises, and perhaps many more will come as well. The gaming world never ceases to amaze the public, and it’s a profitable industry that won’t lose any of its success anytime soon.

Super Dungeon Maker had its initial release date in February 2022. It’s a bit difficult to say for sure what genre defines the game the best, but even so, the title lands in the following categories: indie, adventure, action, and fighting.


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