Marvel MMORPG Is Officially Coming

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Marvel is a fantastic success, with all of its movies and games. But if it isn’t enough for you, you should know that developers are preparing a new surprise for us. There’s a new MMORPG in development, and Dimensional Ink Games is working on it.

The company is known for developing DC Universe Infinite, which is a free-to-play MMO that was released in 2011. It was available for PlayStation 3 and PC. We know, we know, the game is ten years old, but it still gets new updates and new content, and it has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. But everyone wants a reboot, or a sequel. Are we in luck?

EG7 is the Swedish game company that has recently bought Daybreak Game Company, i.e the developers of DC Universe Online. EG7 has held an investor’s presentation for Q3 2021. At this presentation, the company talked about the product sale for 2022, and we’ve seen some interesting things there, like the upcoming games they prepare. There were a lot of exciting titles, such as Lord of The Rings Online and DC Universe Online, as well as a mysterious MMORPG.

All we know about MMORPG

There are three main things we know so far about the game:

  • It is being developed by Dimensional Ink Studios in Austin, TX.
  • It will be a multiplayer online game
  • It is led by Jack Emmert, who also designed City of Heroes, and is the leader of DCUO.

We’ve learned this from a leak on the internet, so we should take it with a grain of salt. We know that we’re getting another Marvel game, but right now, we’re waiting for an official statement from the company.


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