Adobe Flash Player 15 Avails Stage3D Standard Profile Feature Mobile Users

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player 15 was recently released in the market by Adobe Systems and with it there is a very strong objective.

Adobe has been at the heart of internet development over the past years and with its developments across various fields, the internet has come to change from the way we knew it. With the latest release of Flash Player 15, Adobe has taken a huge stride into the future of internet technology. This multimedia application comes with some of the best and latest features on offer and the best ones are discussed below.

A Change in the Full Screen Orientation for Windows OS

The newest version of Flash Player 15 is smarter than any of its predecessors thanks to the scaling and content detection features that ensure users have the best possible way of viewing any web content in full screen mode when the orientation of the device is changed. One problem with this feature is that it has only been availed for users of Windows. On the contrary, all major web browsers have been updated with this feature.

Adobe Flash Player 16 Equips iOS and Android Users with Stage 3D Standard Profile

The Stage 3D standard profile first showed up in Flash Player 14. However, this feature could only be accessed and used by users of PCs. This is something that has been changed in the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 15 as it now offers the Stage 3D feature on mobile devices for both iOS and Android users.

Better Quality of Videos and Improved Performance

The latest version of Flash Player 15 has put its efforts more on videos and this can be attributed to the rise in power of HTML 5, which offers users an equally impressive performance with online videos.

However, the latest version features enhanced video quality and better performance and these ensure unmatched streaming of online videos and compared to previous versions, this is truly a step into the future.

Improved Performance with 3D Content

This latest version has put a lot of emphasis on gaming and it comes with enhanced performance for gamers who need quick response for a better gaming experience. The update also comes with a 3D zooming feature in Windows that is much higher than in the previous version 14. New APIs for users of Windows, iOS and Android have also been included in the latest version to enhance the browsing experience of users on different devices.

Download the latest Adobe Flash Player 15 from the official Adobe website today for free.

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