Download Latest OS – Android Lollipop Updates Compare with iOS 8 Features

Today, the top two companies in the mobile industry are Apple and Google.

These two have a fierce rivalry between them with respect to mobile operating systems they own, that is, Google Android and Apple iOS.

It was not a huge surprise when these two rolled out new versions of these operating systems in the shape of the Android 5.0 Lollipop and the iOS 8, with their release only about six weeks apart. Just recently, Apple rolled out an update to the iOS 8.2 and Google has again pushed out the Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is going to be interesting to see how these two operating systems compare against each other in the current market.

Android Lollipop updates vs. iOS 8 updates

The latest version of Android Lollipop is v5.1 and just like any other application software, this new Android 5.1 update comes with a number of improvements for the users of this OS. You will come across a new device protection feature as well as addition of the ability to enjoy HD calls. The latter feature is one that many users will enjoy considering the fact that people make use of messengers like WhatsApp, Viber and Skype to make calls.

Apple’s iOS8.2, on the other hand, also features a number of updates, but the major one is the ability to offer support for Apple Watch. However, there are also a bunch of bug fixes that have been causing numerous crashes on the iOS devices using this latest operating system.

Features of Android Lollipop and iOS 8

These two operating systems have quite a few things in common, with each OS borrowing a leaf from its counterpart in order to set things straight for its user base. Here is a closer look at some of the top iOS features in comparison with the Android Lollipop OS.

Setup and cloud services

The Android Lollipop and the iOS 8 are very easy to setup. However, both operating systems will push towards the cloud services during this process with Apple making use of the iCloud while Android is equipped with Google Drive or Gmail.

Setting up Lollipop will take you through very simple step by step instructions, with new features being pointed out along with pop-out balloons of tips on where to find things and how they work. This can be likened to the Tips app that has been introduced in iOS 8 and it pops up notifications with brief clues of how to use the OS.

User interface

The latest Android Lollipop has shifted its attention to Material Design, introducing a design that is instructional, visual and more ambitious. On the other hand, the iOS 8 adds to the impeccable build of the iOS 7 by coming in with a flatter design, adding more consistency as well as clearly refining the iconography. You can also notice a few improvements in the notifications, multitasking, widgets as well as interaction with the keyboard. The latest iOS 8 also has enhanced usage of gestures during navigation, for instance, swiping from left to go back and double tapping the hone button for reachability purposes. Considering the shifts in screen sizes of the latest Apple flagships, this is a good move.

Android Lollipop vs. iOS Launcher

When talking about launching of apps, the latest Android Lollipop comes with everything animated, be it opening a phone app from the lock screen, buttons and switches and so on. This is also the same case as the latest iOS 8, which is a leaf that Apple has borrowed from Google. However, most iOS users find these rapid animations a little flashy and juddering.

Notifications and widgets

The latest iOS 8 introduced widgets to the device’s Notification Center and as such, access to apps is very quick. Android Lollipop continues with Google’s trend of having widgets and apps on the launcher as long as there is space. It is also possible to manually add these widgets yourself.

With the case of notifications, both the operating systems work in the same manner, where these notifications appear at the top of the screen and pulling them down reveals the notification center in both cases.

Voice assistant

The Android Lollipop has now included the latest OK Google voice assistant in its new version, picking up from where it started with the Android KitKat. This is again the same feature as Apple’s Siri, which does pretty much the same work as the Google voice assistant. You can search the web, play music, send a message or even make a call, among many other operations.

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