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The boom in the smartphone market has fueled the development of numerous applications.

However, it is only very few of these apps that have taken it personally to cross to the desktop platform; for instance, Skype, Facebook, Viber and Tango. On the contrary, most of the current mobile apps remain to be strictly mobile-based. One example of these apps is Instagram, which is currently one of the best photo sharing apps.

Many would wish for this app to launch a PC version, but all wishes have been in vain. These people crave for this to happen as they are frustrated with having to upload a single picture each time, using smartphones, rather than upload multiple photos using a PC. However, with the advent of third party players like Gramblr, things have changed, as users could easily upload all their photos onto Instagram PC.

Latest Developments

The developers behind Instagram were not happy with this move and as such, they have devised a means where users cannot use #tags to upload photos using PCs. This means that your pictures won’t be visible in case they are searched with the #tag. All accounts that use Gamblr in uploading Instagram PC photos will be disabled automatically, even if it’s a single picture.

This is a huge problem for those who had developed a habit of using Gamblr for uploading multiple photos on Instagram. However, all is not damaged as there is a way out of this misery.

Latergram – An Alternative to Gamblr

Latergram is a very young app that seems destined for great times when it comes to the Instagram PC market. With this app, you can easily manage uploads in this photo-sharing app without any difficulties. This app actually transforms Instagram into more than just a photo-sharing app and into something more like Twitter or Facebook, thanks to its ability to schedule photos to your Instagram account, be it from a PC or a phone.

Many have been waiting for this to happen and it is finally here. Business accounts looking to engage their audience on a constant basis, like with Facebook posts can benefit a lot from this newest creation.

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