Fallout 4 New Update Claims PS4, Xbox One Version in the Making

While many believed that it is the end of Fallout 4 and Bethesda is not actually making the game, fresh updates from multiple sources confirm that the game is indeed under development and the company is working to bring it to the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC at the same time.

Most of them claim that it could be before the end of 2015 or it could be postponed to early 2016.

So, for now we don’t have an official release date but it has been confirmed that the developers are busy making the game which is definitely assuring news for thousands of ardent fans who simply love this title for plenty of reasons. When a new game comes out in the franchise, we can surely expect it to have a lot of new additions and a better game engine to support the increased world size.

Boston Is Confirmed

As with all rumors that made the rounds earlier, a Reddit user and a representative at the Eurogamer expo confirmed that the game would indeed be set in Boston. It is going to continue the storyline where Fallout 3 left off and will be a direct sequel so that gamers could continue to enjoy the journey in a seamless manner. There will be few groups from the old game whereas Bethesda development team is also going to introduce new factions to allow gamers more choice to pick from.

Boston is going to be completely different from what you have imagined because the team is making sure that it doesn’t resemble anything that is shown in previous Fallout games but rather show off a title that is on par with the future world. It has also been added that there will be androids in the game set in a cyber punk future world filled with bots and machines, besides humans who are fighting for their survival.

Next Gen

The leaked information from these sources also confirmed that Fallout 4 is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC when it gets launched. It’s not big news but definitely something to watch out for because the game is going to make complete use of the new generation hardware and will be a treat for gamers who have already purchased the next gen consoles. The PC version is what most ardent players look forward to as the game looked best on it in previous versions but given the increased hardware power, it may be as good on the consoles as well.


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