Windows 7 – High Speed File Transfer Using LAN cable

Sharing huge amounts of data can be a daunting task if you do not know efficient and correct ways to do it. One way to share such data is through an external USB or HDD. This way is somewhat convenient for most users. However, it drains a lot of precious time.

You first have to copy files to the external media then copy them again to another computer. High speed transfer file 2pc using LAN cable is the best way to share files. It is a good method since it consumes the least amount of time and is very easy to get along with. Here is a guide to using the Ethernet network, commonly known as the LAN cable on windows 7.

What is a LAN cable Ethernet Network?

The word LAN stands for Local Area Network; this is the network that controls transmission of data. This network predominantly uses the Ethernet Network to connect between 2 PCs. Windows 7 comes with this built-in File sharing network feature, you can share data through your network. You should not be worried if you do not have a network; you can simply use the Ethernet Network once you have a LAN cable and can connect the two computers through it.

How to connect your two PCs

First, you have to start up both computers, once on connect them with the LAN cable. Insert the jack of one part of the cable into the first computer and the second jack into the second computer. Your windows 7 computer will automatically recognize the unknown LAN network.

How to enable Sharing

Go to the “Network and Sharing Center” and click “Enable File sharing.” Go to “Network” where you will find the other PC listed over there. Open it then enter the Username and password of the other computer which you are trying to connect to. For you to be able to connect your PC to the other one, it is important that the both User Accounts have their password set. You can now share folders through both computers that are connected.

Sharing folders over the network

Once connected, sharing folders is a simple and straightforward process. Right click on the computer’s folder and open “properties” and browse over the “sharing” tab then click on “advanced Sharing” button.

In the advanced sharing option, check on the “share folder” option, click on “apply” then “Ok”. This could take some time if you have a large number of files that you want shared. Once done you can send different folders through copy-pasting method.

Why use LAN cable sharing network

The LAN network should be your favorite network for sharing huge amount of files from one PC to another. It is a less expensive method and can send and receive data at very high speeds. The LAN network uses fast connectivity protocols that can go up to 11Mbps. If the LAN cable is designated as 100BASE-T, it could go up to 100Mbps speeds. Gigabit LAN network cables can achieve very high speeds of 1000 Mbps.

Almost every institution today uses the Ethernet technology to build up a wide network based on the Gigabit LAN network. Apart from sharing files from PC to PC, you can share resources such as printers and files at different sections of the building at very high speeds.

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