5 Year Old Google Voice Shut Down Last Week – Resurrect with Google Hangouts

What Has Google Voice Done in Its 5 Year Life?

The birth of Google Voice in 2009 was indeed a stunning welcome to Google Users as it promised to reduce the communication charges considerably. Along with the standard feature of sending and receiving text messages, the jackpot was the luxury of receiving and calling, both domestic and international destinations, all from your computer. This added a colorful bunch of feathers to Google’s fragile Hall of Fame. The users of this app crossed a million and more in just 5-7 months, and reached around 3.5 million by 2013.

Has It Been a Leeching Burden All along – Merits and Demerits

Google voice promised a lucid mirage to force the customers into believing that all the services were direct, clear and stress-free. The reality, gradually over the years, made its rapid fade in all user web interfaces. It appeared as if the fault was all part of network mishaps or connection errors. Finally, when the errors and mishaps continued to remain in the same danger zone, with no hope for recovery or progress, users understood that the cleverly planned fraudulent schemes were the company’s own manufacturing defect and not theirs.

Google Hangouts – Therapy for a Problem Child or Is It the Better Abode

Google voice was said to have limitless number of ludicrous features which were advertised since its very birth. These features not only never worked properly, but also never appeared in any limelight. MMS support, Limited MMS and domestic SMS service, non-existent international SMS service and Inability to access emergency numbers like 911 are a few of its limitations.

Bury Google Voice Already, to Shoot up the Lagging Progress Story of Hangout

When umpteen other Free Calling Apps sprouted akin to mushrooms after a rainy whole year, Google made its penance in 2013 with Google Hangouts, promising varied progressive methods of bringing in the category of outbound calls as well. Thus, now Google wants to repair its mistakes by killing the Google Voice and merging it all with the new flawless face of Hangouts. This execution is righteous but had been non-sensibly delayed for months. So now Google is starting afresh with blending all of its Audio-Video calling and texting services. The result of this amalgamation is a simple and stress-free application, Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts has by-far metamorphosed into a righteous chat-client, neutralizing Google’s notorious past and leveling its dues and penance to its followers. Google hangouts today promises to resolve the outbound calls issue, simplified offline/online status blending, instant messaging and video chatting.

Google Voice’s Last Surviving Day and Hopes Ended Last Week

Google voice was sentenced to death on May 15, 2014. This is another chance for Google to renew the customer’s faith and excel till all expectations are met. Google will try its best to provide flawless, uninterrupted service as guaranteed to its users.

Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed till the day Google Hangouts will double its proposed glory and restore the satisfaction and stunning surprise that the name Google Guarantees.

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