Skype vs Tango – Winner With The Best Video Call Feature

“Video call” is one of the most used internet features. A lot of developers added the “video call” feature to their applications, but today we’re going to take a closer look at Skype and Tango’s feature.

Both of the applications are very popular and come on several platforms such as iPhone, Android, PC, etc. They are different from each other because of their features.


Skype can be installed on all types of devices that support video calls. It can run on PC, tablets, mobile phones, you name it. Because of that, Skype has a lot of users using it, which makes it more advantaged that Tango at this section. It even has conference calls, but that’s not yet implemented on the Android applications, working only on desktops and laptops, for now. You can also use Skype to chat, send SMS or even call mobile or landline phones at a decent rate.


Tango is currently working on PC, iOS, Android and more. To create an account on Tango is easy because it will use your phone number for registration and it takes only a few seconds to do it. It comes with an option to scan your phonebook in order to see if any number from it is already registered on Tango in order to let you know if any of your friends or acquaintances is registered in there. You can also play games or share pictures and many more during calls.

For now, it’s clearly that Skype is over Tango, but if Tango will get some features in the near future, such as chatting, sending SMS, or calling landline or mobile phones, Skype might be in danger of losing this “battle”.


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