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WhatsApp is not like those applications that remained unchanged after being launched. In six years of existence, the developers of WhatsApp changed its interface several times, they added the Voice Calling feature and we’re expecting to see the Video Calling feature implemented soon.

WhatsApp was created by two friends and former employees of Yahoo!, Brian Acton and Jan Koum, which dreamed to work for Facebook, but they were rejected. Instead, they invested their savings in a new application whose name sounded like “what’s up?” and they released it for iPhones, and in November 2009, the application was uploaded on the App Store. Later, it came for Android and other platforms such as Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and S40. In 2013, WhatsApp had 200 million active users and started rising, catching Mark Zuckerberg’s attention, which came with an offer of 19 billion dollars one year later. Since February 2014, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and the developers focused on improving its features, bringing Voice Calling in February 2014. It seems that February is a key-month for WhatsApp, because most of the important changes happen in this period.

The beta testing for the Voice Calling feature began with a limited number of Android users, who got selected by the developers. A few weeks later, the users received a beta version with Voice Calling included, and they no longer needed to be called by their contacts, to be able to enable the Calls button. But the trajectory of this feature was troublesome, because many users complained that they heard echoes, the calls were lagging or ending without having problems with the internet connection.

It seems that WhatsApp improved this feature and it will run better on 2G networks on the Android platform. Some employees of the courier company were asked to do some translations for new features that will be added to the beta version of WhatsApp, and they need to be translated to other languages, to be better understood by the users from all over the world.

During a phone conversation, when someone will call you, he/she will be warned that “the user is on another call” and will be notified when the call will be muted. Call waiting will be another feature that should make its appearance in the future, but we can’t predict when that will happen.

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