WhatsApp 2.12.69 (BETA) Free Download And Install On Nokia Asha

WhatsApp had in January 2015 over 700 million active users and it was continuously growing. Now the developers are working on a feature that will soon be released for every WhatsApp user, which is the Voice Calling.

This feature was already available for a few lucky WhatsApp users who had the chance to test it. Now, the developers are gathering data to see what else they need to fix before releasing the Voice Calling feature to the wide public.

WhatsApp 2.12.69 (BETA)

However, it may take a while until this feature will be released, so let’s get back to the WhatsApp 2.12.69 BETA version for Nokia Asha and Symbian 40 devices. There are no big improvements on the new version of the application, as there are just some usual bug fixes and improvements.

On most of the Nokia Asha touchscreen devices we can also use the WhatsApp Web feature by opening the application, slide the bottom of the screen and selecting WhatsApp Web feature. After that we will use the QR reader to scan the QR code that appears on our PC browser while accessing the WhatsApp Web (just Google for WhatsApp Web and go to the first link). However, on other Nokia Asha and Symbian S40 phones that don’t have touch screen, this option is not yet available, but hopefully soon enough it will be.

Downloading and Installing WhatsApp 2.12.69 (BETA) on Nokia Asha or Symbian 40 device

Keep in mind that this beta version of WhatsApp can’t be installed on your Nokia Asha or Symbian 40 device directly from the Nokia Store (Opera Mobile Store), as there is found only the latest stable version of the application and not the BETA version. In order to install WhatsApp 2.12.69 (BETA) we will need to access the official WhatsApp website (Google for WhatsApp and go to the first link that it finds), tap on “Nokia S40” and download the .jad file on your smartphone. After that, install it on your device, get verified by using your mobile phone number and start using the BETA version of WhatsApp on your Nokia Asha or Symbian 40 device!

HINT: Keep in mind that this version is in BETA and you may encounter some problems such as random crashes, glitches and other issues.

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