5 Must Know Tips to Keep Your Android Device Safe

The threat that people face these days is too high not only because you have a lot of data stored on the cloud but also because of the devices you use.

Securing your Android device before things go out of hand is mandatory and here’s how you can do it.

The amazing and ‘must-know’ security tips do not come from a security analyst or an expert but rather from Google’s own Adrian Ludwig. The chief security officer in the company has taken some time to help people understand the importance of security and to help them secure their phones and tablets to stay within the safe zone.

Immediate Security Measures

Use Lock Screen Password – Most users tend to skip this method because it is a pain to manually draw a design or enter a password every time you unlock your device. But, it is very important and you should set it right away.

Backup data – Using cloud storage to your advantage could help! Start by backing up your data which will allow you to replace content if your device gets corrupt, damaged or stolen. The best backup apps available for Android are Helium, Titanium, My Backup and Ultimate Backup. You can use Google’s own services as well.

Use Encryption–Nexus devices use encryption settings by default so that others cannot readily access the data within. Any phone or tablet running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above can be encrypted by going to settings, encryption page.

Security Tips

Google Play Store – The Play Store is the most trusted way to download your favorite apps and games. There are so many third party Android stores out there but many of them are pure scams designed to rob your data. Unless it is trusted by plenty of users, you should stick to the official store for your needs.

Android Device Manager – The best productive and security app is your Android Device Manager. It will come in handy in a situation where you have lost your device. It allows you to remotely find the location of your phone or tablet. In case you can’t find it, you can even choose to remotely erase and lock the phone so that it becomes useless to everyone else.

Using two factors, authentication on Google is another important step that you should never skip. It not only helps you safeguard your phone but also your important e-mails and contacts, especially if Gmail is your primary e-mail client.

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