5 Tips to Improve Your HTC One M9 Experience

The HTC One M9 is a beautiful phone, both in design and performance. HTC made huge strides with the M9, improving their signature flagship in several key aspects, such as battery power, camera quality, performances and even sleeker design. But what makes the One M9 unique and special is the way the phone allows users to customize it even further. Here are some tips on how to get the best out of your HTC One M9 and improve your experience.

BlinkFeed Offline

One of the new features of the One M9 is the BlinkFeed panel located on the home screen. The panel can be accessed with a swipe on the left and shows posts from all social networks you are connected to. It is a handy feature, but the downside is that it requires an internet connection. The good news is that you can configure BlinkFeed to work when you are offline. You must set the mode for offline reading first in the settings panel located in the slide-out bar for navigation. The offline reading is disabled by default. But by enabling it, you can have content added to the BlinkFeed panel and save it for offline reading later.

 Configure Sense Home

The Sense Home Widget is the first thing you’ll notice on your HTC One M9. The widget is located on the home screen and always displays applications that are suitable for you depending on your location. For example, while you are at home, the widget will display apps suitable for home usage. When you are in the office, the panel displays more work-suited apps. Even in its default state, the Sense Home works well, but you can further configure. Go to the settings menu via the overflow button and change the address of your home and office. You can always long press on any app icon and drag to remove. This will override the judgment of the widget. You can also pin apps to the widget permanently, by holding it in place. Get rid of the smart folder as it is just clutter.

Enable Motion Gestures

Motion gestures play a huge role in the HTC One M9 and they help users operate their phone easily. Most of the gestures are turned off by default. Go to settings, and then open the display and gestures menu. There, you will find the motion launch gesture. You can see a demo for each gesture, and enable the ones that suit you. All of the motion gestures work while the screen is off.

Customize Navigation Bar Buttons

Unlike most Android smartphones, the HTC One M9 has four buttons on the navigation bar. You can change the layout of the buttons and their function at any time. Go to settings, enter the “personalize” menu and then open “change navigation buttons”.  The default layout is as on other Android handsets. The three default buttons can be moved left and right and the fourth button can be assigned to a number of functions.

Custom Camera Mode

To be fair, the default camera auto mode of the HTC One M9 is not something that will impress you. However, the camera can be customized with options to change shutter speed, ISO, exposure, white balance and much more. Once you find the perfect balance that works for you, you can save the mode as a custom camera mode and access it any time you want to take pictures. In other words, you can create your own auto mode.

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