WhatsApp Web Free Download On PC – Top Features And Improvements

WhatsApp was designed for mobile devices and that is why it gives it a more intimate vibe. However, all of this started to change when the app launched its Web version. If you haven’t played around with it, you should. A long time ago, users had to opt for features like BlueStacks to make the Android application run on the PC and then make it think, it’s in fact operating on a mobile device. But not anymore. So in order to start using WhatsApps on the web, make sure you have Chrome, Firefox or Opera installed and the newest WhatsApp version for Android/Windows Phone and of course Blackberry. iPhone users are forsaken in this case.

Download WhatsApp Web Version

Start by downloading the browsers (see above) and the newest WhatsAspp update. Go to web.whatsapp.com. where you should see a QR type of code. You also have a checkbox available and this permits you to be signed in at all times. Now, fire up the WhatsApp app on your mobile device and click on the menu. On the Android platform, look for the 3 dots (located at the top right corner) of your chat. There you have to click on the “WhatsApp Web” and you should get your QR code. Scan the code that appears in the browser and you are all set!

Take a look at WhatsApp Web Features

WhatsApp Web doesn’t come packed with the features available on the WhatsApp mobile device version, so don’t get your hopes up too high. But here is what it has to offer:

Private chats – where you see the chat symbol/icon, you can choose a list of the people you wish you communicate with. All of your chats will be indexed in the main menu. Because WhatsApp Web has limitations concerning the new private chats, you have to start them on your mobile.

If you are also wondering if you can switch the enter button from delivering a message to simply creating a new line, the answer to your question is no, you cannot. But, you can use the following command: Shift+Enter to simply create these new lines.

Photo Options

You will be happy to learn that the web version contains the attaching picture features. Look for the paperclip symbol (top of the chat), click on it and decide whether to take an instant picture using the camera or to add a new one. If you are interested in using the cam to take a picture, expect the browser to ask for your authorization to connect with the cam. Hit the “Allow” button, if you agree.

Hit the snooze mode for notices and sounds

Switching off your sounds is another option you can play around with. The notices that you receive can also be put on snooze mode. You can even deactivate all of your desktop notifications and alarms. If they are on, when you receive new messages, you will see a pop-up.

Contact information

If you’re interested in seeing the contact information, go to the menu (the one with the 3dots) and if you click on it, you can see all the information that interests you. This means: personal phone number, status and current profile photos.

Important: To install and use WhatsApp in the previous mentioned browsers, you have to have your mobile device linked to the internet, in order for the web version to function properly.

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