How Will Android M Look Like? The Lollipop Successor and Possible Features

Even though Google has not said a single word regarding the next Android OS, there is a possible lead to what could be the name of the next Android OS.

When Google was releasing its I/O schedule a few days ago, there was a leak of the name of the new OS, which is thought to be Android M. If this is true, Google will be keeping its naming algorithms intact and as predicted, we may end up seeing another sweet name from Google. Although there is news of what name this OS will be called, the same cannot be said as far as the features of Android M are concerned.

Possible features of Android M

However, based on the many rumors that have started developing and the topics for the various I/O sessions, it is possible to come up with valid conclusions with respect to what features Android M will come with. Among the leading contenders for the features to be included in the next Android OS version is the Voice Access feature. This means that those devices that will ship with Android M will be capable of adding hands-free capabilities to their devices.

Another feature that is expected to come with the new Android M is the ‘Nearby’ feature. With this feature, users will be able to make use of proximity-based communication, which means that they will easily be able to keep in touch with those within their vicinity.

In essence, this feature will work like the “discover” feature used by a number of apps in different capacities, usually to find contacts within their locations and start communicating with them using these apps. This is now coming to Android and as a result, users will be able to connect with the other Android M users based on the parameters of their preference.

Material Design looks set to be around for quite some time to come and with the new Android M, this trend will continue. There are lots of sessions that are planned for the Google I/O based on this feature, which is a strong indicator that we might see it in this new Android OS. There are also other rumors that VR could make its way to Android M, which will be a great addition for all users.

Google seems to be working on more than the Android M as the Google I/O schedule reveals. The company will be looking to come up with a bunch of wearables and that according to them; they “will blow your socks off”. The Google I/O is scheduled to run from the 28th to 29th of this month and it will take place in San Francisco.

Just like last year’s event, it is expected that Google will roll out an app that will help the users to stream videos of some of the I/O sessions. However, there is no news of when this application will be rolled out by Google.

Do you think Android M will be better than Android L?

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