5 Dropbox Hidden Features That You Should Know

Dropbox is one of the top cloud storage and sync app, it is quite simple and lacks sophisticated features. While Dropbox has several competitors, it seems to take the lead in the cloud storage competition. This is because it offers a very simple interface that is very easy to use. You just need to have your files put in its folder and they will appear on any device where you have had Dropbox installed.

By accessing the files over the internet, you will be able to access those files from anywhere at any time. Even though Dropbox is very simple, it has additional hidden features that are going to interest you.

Online back-up services

Packrat is a Pro Dropbox feature that saves all your files history forever. It does not matter whether you have the files deleted or not. You files will remain saved forever as long as you are a Pro account holder. A Pro account is worth $39, it definitely is worth this service.

Packrat feature turns Dropbox from an online storage to an online backup service. The back-up services made available to you ensures that your data and files remain online forever. All versions of files including the most recent version of file will be backed up. This will be very valuable for an individual and also for a small business owner. This backup service is easier and cheaper than other online back-up services.

Synchronizing browser settings

Dropbox gives you the ability to synchronize your browser settings across multiple computers. This feature is great and has actually been listed among the most under-used secret features of Dropbox. You only need to have Firefox portable to make this possible, this will enable you to synchronize your bookmarks, extensions and even save passwords across different home and work computers. All you need to do is to store the Firefox Portable within your Dropbox account. Portable applications are also available for other browsers. You will never feel distracted when switching between multiple computers.

Encrypting your Dropbox

For security concerns, Dropbox admits that it lets government agencies be able to root through their servers. This is by the nature of US laws. However, there is something that you can do to make your files more secure. This through a BoxCryptor, an encryption app free for non-commercial use. It comes for every operating system including mobile devices. When installed on your computer, this app lets you create a virtual drive that uses Dropbox as a store.

Selective file synchronizing 

One of Dropbox top features is to synchronize files. While this is good, there are some files that are not necessarily important and some too big for synchronizing. Selective synchronization ensures that only the files that you want will be synchronized and saved. This feature is different from automatic synchronization that synchronizes every file and folder. Selective synchronization will be important for users that have a limited Dropbox space.

Creating a hidden folder

This feature also needs a secondary app to function. It is worth making an extra effort if you would like to have an invisible folder within your Dropbox account. It ensures that all your private and sensitive files remain known to you.

Everyone has heard of Dropbox and the multiple features it offers. This simple cloud tool will ensure that all your documents, presentations, spreadsheets are accessible in another device. Dropbox is simply an amazing software. The above hidden features of Dropbox are bound to make your experience with this application even better.

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