Update your iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 8.3 Latest Version for Enhanced Looks and Better Performance

Since iOS 8 came into play, many Apple users have been reporting common issues that include battery life, wireless connectivity issues as well as frequent crashing of apps.

These have been affecting the performance of some of the best devices that Apple has recently introduced, among them, the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 Plus is a massive phablet from Apple that has been causing waves in the smartphone world, thanks to its super amazing specs and performance power. This device debuted with iOS 8 and since then, a number of updates have come in, with the latest being iOS 8.3.

There are at least 70 bug fixes that have been included in the latest iOS 8.3 update. Furthermore, users of this operating system will be privileged to access a number of cool and new features that are not available on older versions of this OS. This new iOS 8.3 also comes equipped with features of the Apple Watch, which will soon be launched after pre-orders started about a week ago.

No more Wi-Fi and battery life bugs

Since the iOS 8 was launched back in September last year, there are many users who have frequently complained about the state of their devices. Many had issues when using any of their wireless applications, be it Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. However, after failures to take care of this issue in previous versions of the iOS 8 updates, it seems Apple have found a long term solution to these issues and now users can enjoy seamless wireless connections on their iPhone 6 Plus smartphones and other iOS gadgets.

The iOS 8.3 also comes with better solutions to issues related to battery life, stability of the OS as well as performance. So, if you haven’t updated your iPhone 6 Plus to the latest iOS 8.3 operating system, the time is now. If you don’t know how to get the update installed on your device, here is a short guide on how to install iOS 8.3 update on your iPhone 6 Plus.

How to install iOS 8.3 update on iPhone 6 Plus

As long as you have a good internet connection, this process may last less than 15 minutes. All you need is to go to your device’s “Settings>General>System Update” and from here, you can proceed with downloading and installing the latest version of iOS 8.3 on your iPhone 6 Plus without any difficulties.

If you are still having second thoughts about upgrading to the latest iOS 8.3, here are some reasons as to why you need to get this update installed on your iPhone 6 Plus now.

Enhanced speed

When updated with the latest iOS 8.3, the iPhone 6 Plus definitely runs faster than when using the iOS 8.2 or below. You will notice this improved speed in operations like typing using SwiftKey, launching apps, control center, Safari tabs, Messages, App responsiveness as well as Wi-Fi connections.


As noted earlier, the latest iOS 8.3 came in with over 70 bug fixes and all these brought huge performance changes to the iPhone 6 Plus. The phone starts up faster than with older version of the OS and the general responsiveness of applications and processes has greatly been improved in the latest iOS 8.3.

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