4 Crazy-Simple Fashion Tricks to Hide Fats

Sometimes, we cannot avoid gaining a few pounds. Maybe you ate too much sweets or carbs. Of course, the correct way to lose those nasty bulges is through proper diet and exercise. But for the meantime, you’re probably looking for ways to quickly hide the extra flabs so you can go on with your social life.

Here are four crazy-simple fashion tricks that could help you hide the unwanted fats in your body:

1. How to Hide Belly Fat

Abdominal flabs are unsightly. They make you look unattractive and gross. If you are dealing with belly fats, here are some fashion tricks for you:

a. Avoid wearing tight dresses, tight blouses and shirts, and body-fit sweaters.

b. Wear blouses or dresses with V-shaped décolleté. Exposing a part of your upper torso will serve as ample distraction to keep the attention of people from your belly fat.

c. Wear dark ensembles. Dark clothes can conjure an illusion of thinness. This is called optical impression which will provide you with a slimmer silhouette.

d. Best colors to hide belly fats: flaming red, black, dark blue, deep violet.

2. How to Hide Fatty Legs

If you’re uncomfortable with the bulges on your leg area, the quick fix is to wear medium length stylish sweater or a blazer that go down as far as your mid-thighs.

You may also want to consider wearing low-cut thigh pants for casual wear. For more formal occasions, a pair of loose women slacks would be great.

3. Consider High Heel Shoes

Wearing high-heeled shoes and sandals will make your legs look longer. This is a good way to further hide unsightly bulges in the leg area.

4. Wear Accessories

Take out your fashion accessories and wear them to your heart’s delight. Accessorize and people will never notice your body bulges.

To hide belly fats, you can wear wide dark-colored fashion belt. Using silver chain belt can also slightly diminish the ‘bloated-look’ of your belly.

Other accessories that must be seriously considered include hats, scarves, gloves, necklaces, large earrings, and shoulder bags.

Hiding extra fats in your body is easy as long as you know how to use clothes and accessories to your advantage.

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