Google Play Store Latest APK Free Downlaod On Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD, likewise other Amazon tablets, is a device that comes with awesome specs at a good price. These tablets give you a totally new experience when reading eBooks. The only thing that these tablets don’t have is the Google Play Store, as Amazon’s AppStore comes pre-installed on these devices.

However, thanks to XDA Developers, now you can install Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire HD without any problems. Stopxwatch, a XDA Developer member, has come with a solution which allows Kindle Fire users to install the official Android application store. However, keep in mind that this guide will ask you to add some files in the system folder and for now there is no way you can restore the original system folder, so please proceed with caution when doing this.

NOTE: This guide is made for the 7inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD. If you don’t own this model, do not follow this guide as you may break your device. Use these instructions at your own risk and keep in mind that TheFuseJoplin website doesn’t hold any responsibility or liability for whatever happens with your device.


– Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7inch (rooted)
– ES file explorer (in case you don’t have it installed, you can download and install it from Amazon’s Appstore)
– The USB cable of the tablet
– GoogleServicesFramework.apk 1.34MB (download this file to your computer)
– Vending.apk 1.76MB (download this file to your computer)
– Google Play Store – Gplay3.8.17.ap 5.36MB (download this file to your computer).

Before you start the installation, make sure that your tablet has at least 75% of battery in order to avoid any unwanted interruption during the process. At the same time, back up all your personal data, to make sure you will not lose anything.


First of all, connect your Kindle Fire HD 7inch device to your computer and copy the Google Service Framework, Vending and Google Play Store APK files to the SD card from your tablet.

Now, get to your tablet, start ES File Explorer and go to Settings->Root Settings->Root Explorer and enable the “Root explorer” feature. After that, tap the “allow” button that will pop-up in order to give root access to the ES File Explorer application.

Now you can go to the place where you’ve saved the three APK files we’ve told you above and tap on GoogleServicesFramekwork.apk file and tap on it to install the application on your tablet. When the installation is complete, you will have to tap and hold on Vending.apk file and after that select copy and tap on the “up” button until you see the folders named cache and act. Now get to /settings/app folder, tap and hold until a “paste” button will appear. Tap on the paste button and the Vending.apk file will be copied to that folder. Once the file is copied in there, tap and hold on Vending.apk file and select Properties and make the following changes into the permissions: User: Read, Write, Group: Read, Other: Read. Now, you can install the Vending.apk file on your tablet by tapping on it. After the installation is complete, you will have the Android market application on your device.

Exit the ES File Folder application and launch Android market from the applications menu. Setup the application using your Google account details and close the application. Open ES File Explorer and head where you’ve saved the Gplay3.8.17.apk file and start installing it on your Kindle Fire HD tablet. After the installation is complete, this will upgrade the Android Market to the official Google Play Store.

You can now open Google Play Store and install applications from the store without any problems!

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