Windows 10 Top Key Features For Xbox App

In a new interview, Xbox Head Phil Spencer talked about Microsoft’s plans for the Xbox app in Windows 10, and he explained why this operating system will be more than an important upgrade. Windows 10 OS will be the biggest step for desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones, because it will combine pleasure with utility and the users will play Xbox games directly on their devices, instead of using their TVs.

Spencer was interviewed by GamesRadar and he shared a few details about this highly discussed Xbox app on Windows 10, explaining Microsoft’s vision and its plans with this feature. Spencer started by saying that the company offers tools for the Xbox developers to help them move easily from Xbox to PC and they will find very useful Xbox Live and Universal app Platform. Bringing Xbox app to Windows 10 was an unexpected move and without a doubt, this will revolutionize the PC gaming.

In Windows 8, the users can earn achievements which are tied to the Xbox Live account and they can find applications in the Windows Store offering multiplayer. The users of Windows 7 have to buy games from developers like Electronic Arts and Valve, which have their own stores and platforms.

Windows 10 will allow the Xbox developers to build full Xbox Live functionality into the games and the gamers will be able to communicate with their connections through live chat, as they currently do on consoles. They will see which of their friends are online, so that they can send messages to them, they can take a peek at their friends’ achievements etc. Also, they can take pictures or record videos from the games they are playing, but they will need GameDVR, which uploads them to the Xbox Live account.

The gamers will play Fable Legends on their computers against their friends who are playing on Xbox consoles. Besides, the Xbox One Controller will be compatible with the new Windows operating system and in addition, the users will be able to play Xbox games on their computers, over a home network, thanks to the new streaming feature. DirectX 12 will also be released for Windows 10, which is needed for handling tasks related to multimedia (game programming and video), while other new changes in this OS will be related to the Start Screen / Start Menu hybrid, the interface will be overhauled and the users will have access to Windows Store apps directly from the Desktop, where other rivals like iTunes will sit.

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